Intuitive Painting Demo

Strengthen your inner guidance and learn to create with freedom and joy while you receive magical messages from within.

Hey there!

I'm so excited to share my intuitive painting process demonstration with you! 

I have recorded this demo. as part of an in-depth workshop created by myself and my amazing creative partner, Haydee Windey (to my left, in the photo).

The workshop is called Creating Your Limitless Self Workshop where we teach you to tap into your creativity, strengthen your intuition and live your life free from self-imposed limitations!

You can learn all about it HERE

You can also learn about more about both of us and how we came together to create this special workshop and our unique teaching partnership HERE 

A little bit about the painting process before you begin:

Intuitive Painting means to be painting from your heart and leaving the judgment out.

Let your subconscious mind guide your hands. Find your true colours while witnessing how your soul freely expresses itself. If you encounter resistance, you will be thinking about making your artwork look a certain way or judging what you are creating. It’s not about your critical mind’s opinion; this practice is about listening to your intuition in order to be freely expressed. This is also a vital stage for the integration of emotions and the liberation of the soul. Remember what it felt like when you were a young child, exploring new materials and creating art for the first time… You were free to explore with no concerns about the outcomes There is no right or wrong outcome. Honour and treasure the process that takes place during this inner journey and have fun!

If you are interested in using some or all of the techniques that I show in the following tutorial and you feel nervous about the technical aspects of the painting, I recommend using an extra canvas to try out the techniques and materials before you begin to become more familiar with them so that you are not distracted when you are immersed in the painting sections of the workshop. The techniques shown are also just a few examples of what you can do with acrylic paint. I do, however, highly recommend that when you begin your first intuitive painting session you use your bare hands as your tools so that it’ll be easier for you to let go of the urge to control the outcome. By using your hands as brushes, you can also get more deeply connected to the painting surface and access the subconscious mind with more ease.


View my 40 minute painting demo video HERE

Download a PDF of my Supplies and Materials List for the painting demo. HERE


If you have questions, feel free to send me an email and I'll be happy to help you along. 

I'd also love any feedback you might want to share :)


Much love and happy painting!