Transform your space into a soulful sanctuary with magical dreamlike paintings.

Sacred symbols, spirit animals and otherworldly landscapes.

From calm, flowing, transcendent scenery to vibrant, multi-dimensional journeys into the wild.

Explore my original paintings and prints to find the artwork that speaks to your soul.

Original Abstract Paintings

  • Original paintings on canvas that will transform your space into an inspired sanctuary.

Original Wildlife Paintings

  • Mixed media paintings that release you into the spirit of the wild.

"Mesmerised by dances of waves and ripples of water that flow across the rocky earth…
Wandering in awe through ever changing landscapes…
Inhaling lush mossy forests while listening to the echoes of earth’s many precious creatures…
This is what inspires me."

  • "I absolutely love Carly's work! Each piece I own has depth, vibrance and mystery and they take my mind to a far away place. Her unique creativity adds colour and magical energy to each of my rooms."

    -Nickole, Vancouver

  • "It is amazing how you can see and hear Carly's thoughts expressed in her artwork. I often imagine the story behind the painting(s). Whenever I look at her beautiful artwork I feel happy and peaceful along with many other positive emotions. I am always in awe and truly inspired by her creativity."

    - Kirsten, Blind Bay

  • "Carly's painting is the first thing I see when I wake up, and the last thing I see when I turn off the light. I marvel at it every day, as it seems to give off magical energies of good things to come for the new day and mystical, whispers of softness as I drift off to sleep."

    - Nancy, Castlegar

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