Hi and Welcome! My name is Carly and I’m a Canadian artist who paints vibrant and ethereal nature-scapes using a mixture of media.

Feeling oneness with the spirit of nature, inhaling lush pine and mossy forests and watching the dance of waves and ripples of water that flow across the rocky earth. Wandering in awe through ever-changing landscapes and hearing the voices of earth’s many creatures, calling out to one another is what inspires me to create. 

I began painting as a small child and have never stopped. My traditional studies in graphic design (UCFV 2003) and natural abilities as an artist have propelled me into a rewarding journey exploring many visual languages. My many professional projects include digital illustrations/graphics, residential interior design contracts and 2/3-D custom designed and fabricated works of art for private and public display. 

I work from my garden studio at my home surrounded by peaceful mountains and creeks in Chilliwack, B.C. where the wild life is constantly dancing and flowing all around us. I also love to sketch and take many photos that help to inspire my art while I’m out on hiking adventures with my amazing partner Todd.

Artist Statement

From calm, flowing, etherial scenery to vibrant, multi-dimensional journeys into the wild. My paintings are created to connect you with the magical spirit of nature and uplift your soul.

A deep connection with nature and passion for learning has been a constant companion in my painting practice where I explore expressive ways to share my great appreciation and respect for all of the magnificent natural life this precious planet holds.

I often allow my intuition to guide my painting process which draws me to a variety of mediums in vibrant colours and organic flowing forms which evoke a sense of wild freedom within and throughout natural landscapes. Often the abstract shapes will give birth to a more clearly defined subject and narrative. My subjects appear to ask the viewer “What am I made of?” “How do I feel inside?” “What am I doing here?” “What am I thinking?” “What is my purpose?”

My intuitive discovery and infusion of symbols represent the spiritual and interconnected qualities of life. Often the symbols and messages that arise though my works are not deciphered until after they are completed, which creates a kind of magic within my practice, like opening a gift every time I paint.

  • Hugging trees? Absolutely! But have you ever really listened to them? Communicating and deeply connecting with many aspects of our natural world is a huge part of my art practice. It's how I put myself in the perspective of others in order to express their significance and individual experience as an equally valuable part of this amazing planet.

  • Meet Dude, the cheeky one of my two amazing feline studio companions. They are always close by, helping to infuse my creative vibes with curiosity, unconditional love and excitement for all things wild.

  • Occasionally I share the process and many methods I use to create my art via my blog on my design website. If you're curious about my commission process you can find a more detailed outline of the process there as well.