Colorful large landscape paintings commission on canvas

Mount Baker Custom Landscape Commission

In 2018 I completed this really fun customized commission painting consisting of 4, 6x8 foot canvases to make up the view of Mount Baker from the San Juan islands. This is the finished artwork up in it’s gorgeous home

Painted with acrylics and texture medium to mimic an impasto style with bright, heavy gestures. I worked with the client and very talented interior designer (Heather Hicks @ Currant Interior Design to incorporate the colour palette of the room. The subject of the painting is very customized to reflect my client’s request as they love to spend time sailing around the San Juan islands with their family dog, enjoying the view of Mount Baker . There are other personally meaningful elements requested by my client tucked away throughout the paintings.


The photos below give you a glimpse into my painting process and show the scale and detail of the artwork.  


My digital sketch for design approval.

digital sketch of Mount Baker landscape


My sample painting to provide my client with an accurate demonstration of the painting and to colour match the greys, aqua and deep blue tones of the selected room decor.

sample painting to colour match the aqua and deep blue tones of the selected room decor.


sample painting


Red underpainting.

red underpainting


early painting progress


painting process


adding more paint layers


finished canvas paintings


detail shot of water


detail of background


detail of colourful brushstrokes


detail of sailboat boat and island






Paintings installed

Paintings installed








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